Mounting and Application

Our products reaching the project site are subjected to the final checks before the assembly by the relevant team and the products are installed according to the assembly manual prepared by the engineering department for each project. At this stage, we take care to ensure that the products are complete and not damaged during transportation. It is our duty to urgently replace the products damaged during transportation to ensure not to exceed the assembly time.
Our turn-key process would be completed by our assembly and application team only after performing tests , the correct usage training and hanging of the necessary warning signs, are realized.
To provide the work safety and security is one of our our major principles, we apply to our professional assembly team, working in our company for many years and has been carrying out installation and application duties by going to various countries where we carry out our projects.


Rixos Premium

Rixos Premium

This festival theming key-delivery project by Polgün includes children's animation with various animals, flamingo fountains, dinosaur and clown showers, octopus slide and specially designed “Splash Tower” for Rixos Premium Belek.

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