Pirate Theme

A center of interest, Polgun’s signature Pirate Splash Tower is themed to put kids at the helm, giving them the ability to imagine sailing with pirates over the high seas. A fully customizable structure, in any size and color option, is loaded with amazing features for everyone. Larger-than-life parrots, iconic shark jumping out the water, spraying interactive pads, palm trees and a giant bucket with a pirate’s head!

Jungle Theme

Looking for a hunt in a Tropical Rainforest Jungle? Our totally unique Jungle Theme brings the magic of nature; the playful design features imaginative elephants, parrots, owls giant trees and squirrels for a fantastic experience to fulfill kids’ dreams. Designed for a unique jungle view with brown color palette wood paints and graphics, our inspiration will get you “roaring” to go on a new splash experience with lots wild details.

Carnival Theme

Conceptualize your splash tower with our Carnival Theme for children to experience the moment of disguising themselves as something magical. Colorful balloons candy sugar lollipops featuring carnival tent decor makes children feel like attending a dreamy carnival. The eye-catching color attraction of the carnival theme will be the center of interest for your little guests.

Candy Theme

Imagine the Candy House of the Witch in the original tale of Hansel and Gretel. All children dream of a candy house, walls of chocolate, curtains of bonbons and door of wafer. Our Candy Theme conceptualize a candy house into a splash tower, where the children enjoy the colorful attractions and dream the tale of Hansel and Gretel.

Galaxy Theme

4, 3, 2 , 1…get ready for lift off with our Galaxy Theme! Galaxy theme allow children to play, slide and explore the world of universe with conceptual animations. Unique theme provides an endless play in a land of aliens, rockets, planets and all things cosmic with stunning artistic details. The design concept aims to develop imagination skills to discover the unknown world of galaxies with our galaxy theme.

Underwater Theme

Oceans, seas and underwater world has always been a mysterious, exciting and magical world for children. Many questions of children waiting to be answered about the underwater world actually arise from their inability to experience the underwater world. For this reason, the underwater theme is frequently used in many children’s toys, books and decorative accessories. Children enjoy imagining what they cannot see, and the underwater world is a theme they dream of and find fun in its imagined form. Based on the different species and colorful corals waiting to be discovered in the underwater world, the water park designed with the Polgun Underwater Theme has created a colorful environment that supports the imagination of children, excites them and makes them enjoy. All colors used in the water park are inspired by the living species and coral colors found in the underwater world. The animation products used are designed by characterizing the cute underwater creatures to support the theme.

Jurassic Theme

Some imagination are all it takes to transform your pool into a Jurassic Waterpark. Most of the kids love playing with dinosaurs, because they are so interesting to look at. Kids can learn a lot about biodiversity from looking at while having a good time in the splash tower. The Jurassic Theme features Apatosaurus, Dinosaur eggs, wild trees and baby T-Rexs; staged in an environment designed as a Mesozoic Era.

Custom Themes

Polgun is one step ahead in the industry providing custom design themes with insightful guidance regarding creative design, conceptual ideas and color possibilities, giving you the edge to better build your vision. Our design experts are able to create amazing concepts that fits yours vision – by relying on decades of proven experience, an in-house research and development division, and access to the most advanced level of CAD design tools in the industry. Please contact us for more information.

Splash Tower Series

As the industry leader in “Splash Towers” that we have designed according to international norms, we realize customized designs according to your floor plan. We configure the “Alice in Wonderland” of your dreams to your allocated area with the theming option. Polgün Splash Tower, which is aimed at enabling your little guests to take physical activity and socialize while having fun, integrates the interactive playground with modular and various animations. We ensure that children spend optimum time in the playground.

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